Apply for an Outstanding Award

The 2022 Recreation Awards are open for applications. They will be awarded on Thursday 24 November 2022 at the Recreation Conference awards dinner in Nelson.

The Outstanding Award categories are:

  • Outstanding Project

  • Outstanding Pool

  • Outstanding Event

  • Outstanding Park

  • Outstanding Recreation Facility

  • Outstanding Research, Policy & Planning (this is a different nomination form, which you can find here).


Applications close 23 September 2022.

Please see the bottom of the page for terms and conditions. You can also view the judging criteria for the Outstanding Awards here.

HOT TIP: There's nothing more annoying than your computer crashing just before you submit your application, so a great tip is to write your application in word or notepad first and then copy it into the form - that way you'll never lose your hard work!


By entering these awards, you have an opportunity to showcase what you have been working on, give your communities the opportunity to share their successes with others and convince the powers that be that ongoing commitment to and investment in recreation is both necessary and justified for healthy, engaged, sustainable communities and will help them achieve the wellbeing outcomes sought by Government.

There is no restriction on who can make a nomination. For example they could be from a Council, Regional Sports Trust, community group/Trust, consultant or contractor involved with the initiative. Just make sure it addresses all of the judging criteria, and work on the basis that the judges know nothing about your nominated initiative other than what they read in the nomination, so be clear and concise in your description.

NOTE: The Recreation Aotearoa judging panel reserves the right to change the category the nomination is to be considered under at their discretion.

The individual Recreation Awards recognise excellence, innovation, effectiveness and outstanding activity within the recreation industry by individuals whose commitment and contribution promotes the ongoing development and enhancement of the industry. They are not recognition for a single event or activity, or for contribution over a specific period or simply as part of regular employment.

By nominating an individual for one of these awards you are giving them an opportunity to have their efforts recognised by the whole the industry not just those who have had the opportunity to working with them.

Winners will NOT be notified in advance of the Awards ceremony so please encourage those nominated to attend.

All nominations are to be made electronically. No hard copies will be required or accepted.

Nominations will be promoted through social media. Images of all nominations will be displayed at Recreation Conference and the Awards’ dinner and may be displayed on the Recreation Aotearoa website. Winning and highly commended nominations will be displayed on the Recreation Aotearoa website.