Judging Criteria for the Ian Galloway Memorial Cup, Paul Stuart Memorial Award and Mark Mitchell Memorial Trophy

The following criteria will be used for judging the Individual Awards (except for the Emerging Recreation Leader of the Year). A weighting of x 1.5 is applied to criteria 2 and 8 to reflect their greater importance. The nomination MUST respond to each of the judging criteria under the criteria heading (e.g. 1-9). This aids the judges that spend their voluntary time to score the nominations.

1. Contribution to the sector within the nominee’s paid employment
2. Contribution to the sector in a voluntary or non paid capacity (NB. x1.5)
3. Contribution to the wider industry outside of the specific sector they are working in
4. Length of service to the sector
5. Relevant qualifications, awards and recognition previously gained by nominee
6. Degree of innovation or uniqueness of any contribution made
7. The impact of what the nominee has achieved
8. The output of their opinion and the leadership role they have taken such as research, discussion papers and contributions to industry training (NB. x1.5)
9. Perceived mana within their sector or industry

Judging Criteria of Outstanding Initiative Awards

Judging Criteria for Emerging Recreation Leader of the Year

Judging Criteria for the Outstanding Research, Planning, and Policy Award