Judging Criteria for the Outstanding Research, Planning, and Policy Award

METHODOLOGY: It must have appropriate and robust methodology including evidence of peer review. When responding to this criteria consider:
• How to demonstrate that the process and output of the research, policy and planning nomination is "reliable"
• The methodology/process has been undertaken in the development of this piece of work
• How you decided what was the best approach to take
• Whether the work been peer reviewed


APPLICATION (NB. X 1.5): It must have practical application to the recreation and leisure industry. When responding to this criteria consider:
• How the work will it be applied and over what timeframe
• Whether it would have relevance and could be applied in other similar communities

IMPACT: The actual and/or potential impact of the research/planning/policy. When responding to this criteria consider:
• What the intended use for this piece of work is
• What the intended impact was/is
• If the work has been applied what impact there has been
• How the impact was/ will be measured
• Whether you got the result you were expecting
• If not why not


INNOVATION (NB x 1.5): Degree of innovation or uniqueness. When responding to this criteria consider:
• What it is about this piece of works that makes it innovative/unique
• Demonstrate that this is not repeating information or research that already exists
• Whether it is completely new
• What makes it different from similar pieces of work - the methodology/process or something different


COST/VALUE: How does the value of the work compare to the cost of carrying it out. When responding to this criteria consider:
(How can you demonstrate that the "work" is value for money?)
• The cost of this piece of work
• Whether it will have positive cost/impact implications for future work
• Do you consider it to be value for money
• If so, how do you know that


CASE STUDY: The ability to be used as a model or case study by other agencies. When responding to this criteria consider:
• What have you learnt from this piece of work that would be interesting to others
• Whether this piece of work could be a model for other communities or the subject of a case study
• Whether there anything you have learned that you would do differently that others could benefit from knowing about

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