​Te Tohu – Manu Kura (Supreme Award)

Recognises an individual with mana in the outdoor sector, who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in outdoor recreation

HOT TIP: There's nothing more annoying than your computer crashing just before you submit your application, so a great tip is to write your application in word or notepad first and then copy it into the form - that way you'll never lose your hard work!

All applications are to supply:

  • A written submission via the online application form which provides data/evidence to show how the applicant meets each of the judging criteria. Maximum of 400 words per criteria.

  • A one minute video – to give a high-level overview of the applicant (not needed for the Supreme Award)

  • Three photos – to showcase the applicant

  • In addition to the above, nominations for the Supreme Award must also include letters of support for the nominated individual, from two other people

Applications/nominations must respond to each of the judging criteria specified for each award. Applications that do not address or provide relevant evidence for each criteria will likely score lower than those that do.

Photos and videos may be used to showcase the applicants and winners at the Awards Presentation Dinner. 

Who can apply? 

  • Any organisation/event/programme/individual who is involved in outdoor recreation which can include outdoor education, adventure activities and Māori tourism

  • An organisation/event/programme can apply for recognition themselves, or be nominated by another party 

  • The Supreme Award will be awarded to an individual 

  • The programme/organisation/event applying or being nominated must have operated at least biennially for a minimum of two years

  • Applications can be for a specific programme within a larger organisation

  • Applicants do not need to be members of Recreation Aotearoa (however will be given automatic virtual membership)